Each year Dr Simon Clay produces a “QOF Resource” disc to support practices with their QOF endeavours. He started this in 2012 & the disc he produced that year was well-received by hundreds of practices and ordered from as far afield as the Hebrides to Jersey.

Simon is a GP in North Birmingham & also works for PRIMIS, the Medical Informatics Company at the University of Nottingham. I’ve spent several years doing QOF talks around the country and at National conferences & writing articles on the QOF changes for Pulse etc. The disc aims to collate many useful QOF resources into one place, for easy access when required.


Contents of the disc:

  1. A PowerPoint talk on the QOF changes for the year in question. (Click here for a link to an excerpt of the 2012 talk for a flavour of what I produce.) The PowerPoint this year also covers the new Enhanced services on Dementia screening & Avoiding unplanned admissions. This can be played full screen on a PC or via data projector to screen to a practice audience.
  2. There is also a Full Word document summary of the QOF changes with the changes to each of the 25 QOF diseases covered in alphabetical order (Asthma, A.F. etc.) which may be easier to flick through than going to the relevant bit of the PowerPoint.
  3. All changes in QOF 2014 are covered – new Hypertension targets, changes to the Cancer time windows, the additional Diabetes diagnostic criteria, changes to the Urine testing rules, Changes to the scanning requirements in TIA, the new Depression requirement & time window change, MH changes, new coding obligations in Osteoporosis, & the changes to Rheumatoid Arthritis. In addition, all the “retired” areas of QOF coding are also detailed, e.g. in Hypertension, Depression, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Rheumatoid & Thyroid.
  4. There are also a number of updated Word docs on various disease areas I keep getting asked about: Depression coding, MH & care plans, Heart failure versus LVD & the critical codes required in the record to codify the patient as having HF due to LVD, Lithium coding management with a useful “trick”, Palliative care, a list of all the QOF indicators with time window criteria, Contraception, Episode codes & how to best use them & one on Exception coding & how to do it right.  Click here for an example of a previous one.
  5. There are (where available at the time of disc production), all the official QOF Guidelines books for this year for each U.K country. These documents have the official guidelines on what we should be doing to fulfil the QOF requirements & from which the CCG’s are supposed to take guidance on what they can reasonably ask of us at any visits they make.
  6. Business Rules themselves are also included for those brave enough to look at them (together with the change log & summary, if available).
  7. This year, Simon included a new folder with details of the new Enhanced services. This contains all the official PDF guidance documents which detail what needs to be done for each ES and also, where available, the Read codes & CTV3 codes required to document achievement of the criteria.
  8. There are also 2 Spreadsheets included. One details every indicator in the QOF on 3 sides of A4. The other details every valid Exception code. These can be printed off & given to clinicians as an Aide-Memoire. Click here for an example of page one of last year’s Summary sheet.
  9. Also included is the “Guidance & Audit requirements” document which has a wide range of information on all sorts of bits & pieces like:
  • Proposed Seniority changes
  • “Over 75, Named GP” scheme for 2014.
  • Carr-Hill formula
  • Friends & family test
  • Changes to Vaccs &  Imms regs
  • Alcohol – related risk reduction E
  • Patient participation groups ES
  • Learning Disabilities Health check scheme.
  • Facilitating timely diagnosis & Mx of new Pts with Dementia ES.
  • Extended hours Access scheme.


These discs are for sale to practices. The price remains the same as the last 2 yrs: £25 each, (or about £12.50 after tax!) If you would like one, please complete the slip below.


If you’d like to be informed each year as soon as the next year’s disc available, please drop an Email now, to:

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