We are incredibly grateful to the following individuals and organisations that have teamed up with us to help us improve the service we provide to healthcare professionals. If you would like to discuss partnering with us in any way please don't hesitate to contact us.


Take the stress out of your next appraisal by switching to FourteenFish. Their Appraisal Toolkit and Learning Diary are designed to make it easier to work on your appraisal throughout the year instead of the usual last minute rush. They’re popular with appraisers too due to our easy-to-use system and excellent support.

Link the Digitalis app to your FourteenFish account to enable you to seamlessly add entries from Digitalis to your appraisal. You can also take advantage of their free switching service which makes it even easier to switch to FourteenFish. Signing up through Digitalis will give you 10% off your annual subscription!


Lantum is a flexible resourcing solution that respects relationships. Modern tools for modern doctors - work when, how and where they want with great practices you know and great practices you don't. We use tech to give control back to health professionals. Join up with the code DIGITALIS10115321 and we will both get £100 when you do your first shift!


Health Service Discounts provide a vast array of deals for anyone employed by the NHS.


CIS UCQ™ is a training and certification programme for individuals working in, or starting a career in Health and Social Care Informatics, from ADR Consultancy.


Q doctor is a secure video consultation platform that allows GPs to work flexibly and securely from their own homes to consult with clinically straightforward patients.  Q doctor's founder is an NHS anaesthetist supported by NHS England's Innovation Team in taking this forward, and the team pride themselves on maintaining the highest standards in clinical and information governance, in what is an exciting and fast'moving area of general practice.